About Reservations

The status of each reservation help keep track of where things are and when resources are available to lend.

The reservation is being created. The Borrower can freely delete or edit. Nothing is actually reserved yet.
The reservation is complete and sent to the Lender. The Borrower is free to cancel, and last-minute edits are still possible. Everything is (tentatively) reserved.
The Lender has reviewed and accepted the reservation. The Borrower can cancel, but no longer edit. The Lender will get things ready for delivery by the start date.
Checked Out
The Borrower has the resources they reserved. Considered Overdue if still checked out after the reservation end date.
The Lender has the reserved resources back again, but is still processing the return.
The Lender has the reserved resources back again, ready for the next reservation.
Either, the Borrower or Lender decided to cancel. The reservation may be cancelled anytime before it is checked out. After it is checked out, the reservation could always be returned early.