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Cubelets - Clever Constructors Pack

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Device Cubelets
Cubelets are self-contained cubes that snap together with magnets to create bots. No tablets or other devices are required, making Cubelets easy to implement in any environment.
Clever Constructors Pack Includes: Brightness Cubelet (x6) - Enable a construction to detect and respond to light. Distance Cubelet (x12) - Enable a construction to detect and respond to nearby objects. Knob Cubelet (x6) - Build robot constructions with precise data value control. Battery Cubelet (x6) - Provide the energy needed to power robot constructions. Inverse Cubelet (x6) - Flip data values, making low values high and vice versa. Passive Cubelet (x6) - Build bigger robots, without modifying data values. Threshold Cubelet (x6) - Block data values below the selected threshold. Bar Graph Cubelet (x6) - Display block values on a 0–10 scale. Great for debugging. Flashlight Cubelet (x6) - Create constructions that shine a dimmable LED light. Drive Cubelet (x12) - Build robot constructions that navigate their world. Rotate Cubelet (x6) - Create constructions that whirl and twirl. Brick Adapters (x12) - Add style and expand building capabilities with LEGO® or other brick-building toys. Includes six "studs" and six "sockets" adapters. 5-port USB Charger Charger (x1) - Charge up to five Battery Cubelets at a single time. It's great for classroom management. Micro-USB Charging Cable (x5) - Recharge your Battery Cubelet to power your robot constructions for hours on end.
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