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Phidget Classroom Set

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At Phidgets, our philosophy is that you don't have to be an electrical engineer in order to create sophisticated projects using motors, sensors, and other electronics. You simply need to know how to code. Phidgets are building blocks for sensing and controlling using a computer, tablet, or phone. Phidgets enable your software application to interact with the physical world.
The advantage of using Phidgets is that all Phidgets can be plugged in and used in your project out of the box, without having to follow complex pinout diagrams or configure communication between the device and computer. With Phidgets, we deal with the details of getting the electronics to behave as they should, so you can focus on the programming and details of your final product.
The classroom set contains: -13x Getting Started Kit -13x Interactive Sensors including Accelerometers, Distance Sensors, Light Sensors, Sliders, Sound Sensors, and Thumbsticks - All required cables, and accessories.
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New requests are checked against existing commitments to ensure we're able to fullfill them all.

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