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Spintronics Classroom Set

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Device Turing Tumble
Spintronics is a new game (ages 8 to adult) from the makers of Turing Tumble where players build mechanical circuits to solve puzzles. Players feel the pull of voltage and see the flow of current as they discover electronics in a tangible and deeply intuitive way, using the first physical equivalent of electronics ever built. It’s fun, fascinating, easy to learn, and irresistible to play. You'll never see electronics the same way again.
This Classroom Pack contains:
  • Spintronics Act One: Begin the time-winding journey with Spintronics Act One. Get started building fascinating mechanical circuits as you solve 67 fun, challenging puzzles from beginner to intermediate difficulty.
  • Spintronics Act Two: Continue Natalia's time-winding adventure and help her build more advanced spintronic circuits for the town of Little Hope. This Act Two kit begins where Act One leaves off. New parts including transistors and inductors open a vast frontier of new possibilities. The puzzles also grow more challenging, with 82 more puzzles ranging from intermediate to advanced.
  • Power Pack: The Power Pack gives you parts to charge your circuits with more power: an additional 6 V battery and two low-value resistors. It also includes a puzzle book with 11 additional puzzles.
This Classroom Set comes in 2 crates, and includes: 3 - Act 1 3 - Act 2 3 - Power Packs
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