Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19

Padcaster Studio Set

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Subject Critical Thinking

Transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production suite and livestream studio with the Padcaster Studio. Perfect for schools, journalists, filmmakers, and more, the Padcaster Studio is a turnkey video production system that empowers you to tell your story — with tools that are mobile and professional.The entire Studio is built around the Padcaster Case, the most rugged, versatile and secure iPad support of its kind.Included in the Studio's comprehensive ecosystem are an extensive array of audio and video accessories to cover almost any filmmaking situation. With 3 differerent kinds of microphones, lighting, popup screenscreen, tripod, dolly and more, Padcaster Studio is prepared fo whatever mobile production you'd like to work on with your students.

Please reserve 1 iPad with each Padcaster mobile studio.
30-day Availability
 100% available