Colonial Intermediate Unit 20


Resource 1 - 30 of 35 in total
BeeBots Hive Bundle (6 bees and charging station)
Beebots Supplies Coding Elementary School Robotics STEM Technology
Cubelets Building Coding Critical Thinking Electronics Engineering Math Robotics Science
Dash (7 robots)
Dash and Dot Robots Elementary School STEM
Hummingbird Bit Classroom Kit (copy)
Building Coding Critical Thinking Engineering
Indi by Sphero - Classroom Pack (copy)
Sphero Parts and Components Arts Coding Critical Thinking Robotics
K'Nex Education STEM Design Challenge Set (copy)
K’Nex Building Elementary School Engineering Middle School STEM
Makey-Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit
Makey Makey Supplies Arts Coding Computer Science Electronics Elementary School Energy Engineering High School Middle School Robotics STEM Technology
Math Wizard Series: Fantastic Food Truck
Osmo Cases Parts and Components Math
Micro:Bit (One set of 10: version 2)
micro:bit Supplies Critical Thinking Electronics Elementary School High School Middle School Robotics STEM Technology
Osmo - iPad Base
Osmo Parts and Components Coding Math Science
Ozobot EVO Classroom Kit (One Classroom set of 18 Ozobots)
Ozobots Arts Coding Computer Science Critical Thinking ELA Engineering Math Robotics Science